Powermax SYNC: repair parts, specialty consumables, and new ordering configurations

• Stocking of repair parts: As we work together to supply the new Powermax SYNC series of air plasma systems to the market, we encourage you to keep a sufficient supply of service parts in your inventory. At a minimum, we would encourage you to stock parts which are are critical to the function of the power supply and are known to wear out with use. Maintaining a healthy supply will significantly reduce downtime for customers and help you avoid unanticipated supply chain issues. View our list of recommended parts.

FlushCut and HyAccess availability: Shipments of 105 A FlushCut cartridges (part 428954) have begun. Shipments of 65 A (part 428952) and 85 A FlushCut cartridges (part 428953) are expected to begin next month. Please note that FlushCut cartridges are only recommended for use with SmartSYNC torches. We do not recommend the use of FlushCut cartridges with the torch adapter for Duramax torches on Powermax65/85/105 A systems. We are currently working through the design phase for HyAccess cartridges for drag cutting at 65 A with the hope that production can begin in July. We will continue to investigate other potential HyAccess cartridge offerings and update accordingly.

New ordering configurations: As a result of growing demand for Powermax SYNC use on cutting tables, we have released new Powermax SYNC configurations to make ordering easier. These new configurations all include the serial ports in the power supplies and the machine torches and come with a 180° machine torch on a 10.7m (50′) lead.