Update on Hypertherm’s decision to suspend business in Russia

I’m writing now to provide a further update on Hypertherm’s decision to suspend business operations in Russia. Except with respect to contractual warranty obligations, Hypertherm is suspending operations until further notice.

Though we do not control your business decisions and cannot compel you to follow our lead, our hope is that you will support us in this decision by also suspending shipments into Russia, at least of Hypertherm products. If you should decide to export product to Russia, we would ask that you please be aware of the growing list of sanctions against Russia and the risk that may present.

Hypertherm Inc. (a United States company), its various subsidiaries, and all of our products, regardless of country of origin, are subject to U.S. Laws and Regulations in addition to local regulations. Because our distribution is conducted through established channel partners, these laws not only apply to Hypertherm products sold to partners, but also to our partners themselves as long as they continue to sell our products.

The best way to ensure compliance and protect our respective interests is to have all partners fill out a certification stating that they will comply with all applicable laws. In addition, partners in or near Russia will need to complete a form for any customer who purchases Hypertherm product. This will allow us to carefully screen customers through a complete denied party screening process at time of shipment.

Our Trade Compliance Team is working on these new procedures now to ensure Hypertherm and its partners remain protected and compliant. Detailed instructions and necessary forms will follow in a separate communication. In the meantime, all partners are encouraged to visit relevant U.S. Government websites such as those listed at the end of this communication. We recommend partners outside of the United States visit websites maintained by their government for additional information on current restrictions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this turbulent situation. Our thoughts are with the citizens and residents of Ukraine.

Hidde van Hoeven
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Suggested U.S. Government websites:
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
United States Department of State
Office of Foreign Assets Control
Consolidated Screening List