HYPERTHERM Demo Program re-opens!

We are re-opening our well-known Demo Program! Giving you access to a fixed choice of Powermax systems at a significant discount. Whether you are using these products to give your customers an up-close look at Hypertherm product features or to facilitate solution development, this program helps you to:

• Lower equipment costs
• Gain timely access to Hypertherm products
• Reduce your investment in sales demonstrations
• Develop hands-on expertise with Hypertherm products essential to serving customer needs

Twice per year, your company has discounted access to a specified number of these products, based on your Hypertherm Channel Partner membership.

• This tool is developed in support of Hypertherm’s End-User Experience strategy geared towards making sure 100% of customers achieve optimal cutting outcomes.
• Through the program, you can purchase eligible products of your choice at a 10% discount off net price.
• You may purchase 1 unit of each product SKU per location (of the following products eligible for Demo Discount).

o Powermax30® AIR
o Powermax45® XP
o Powermax85 SYNCTM (new in the 2022 program)
o Powermax105 SYNC TM (new in the 2022 program)
o Hypertherm Cartridge Reader for SYNC cartridges (new in the 2022 program)
o Cartridge Adapter for Duramax® Hand or Mechanized Torches (new in the 2022 program)

• Demo units must remain in your possession for 6 months.
• After 6 months of demonstration service, you are advised to resell the equipment and purchase a new demo system under the Demo Program guidelines.
• Hypertherm will provide a product literature package of 25 Powermax family brochures in the language of your choice.
• To claim the 10% demo discount, please fill in all required fields in the online Demo Discount Program page. Please click HERE to start your online Demo order.


• Reseller must be an authorized Hypertherm Channel Partner to participate in the Demo Discount Program.
• Access to the Powermax SYNC demo machines depends on your access to sell Powermax SYNC. If you do not have access to Powermax SYNC, you can purchase the Powermax30 AIR and the Powermax45 XP.
• Restrictions listed above apply. Any changes or special needs require business justification for exception approval.
• The Hypertherm Demo Discount Program is subject to change or cancellation at the sole discretion of Hypertherm.
• Standard payment terms apply.
• Delivery depends on the availability of the chosen systems

For more details on the Demo Purchase Program, please contact your Hypertherm representative or send us an email