Introducing Hypertherm Associates, our new corporate name

Hypertherm is changing our corporate name to Hypertherm Associates™ and introducing a new corporate logo. The logo, meant to represent a nest of cut parts, serves to visually link the corporate brand with our well-established technology and product brands.

In addition, we are making slight changes to our technology brand logos—including Hypertherm, OMAX, Robotmaster, and ProNest—to ensure a consistent look that identifies them as part of the Hypertherm Associates family of brands. It is important to note that the brand names themselves are NOT changing. Most notably, Hypertherm will continue as the brand for our plasma products while OMAX will remain the brand for our waterjet products.

We are doing this because our growth beyond our core plasma business into other industrial cutting categories has made it necessary to differentiate between Hypertherm, the company, and Hypertherm, the plasma technology brand. This change gives us the ability to more effectively communicate the reasons to do business with our company, while also giving us the ability to communicate the value proposition of our strong technology and product brands. In addition, we saw an opportunity to better promote our Associate ownership, which we know from market research is a clear market differentiator that positively benefits all of us. Putting “Associates” in our name helps reinforce that, although we provide leading technology, people are at the heart of everything we do.

We will announce our new corporate name and logo on June 22. On this date, logos on our existing brand websites will change and we will introduce a new corporate website at Changes to products and packaging will start immediately but will not be instantaneous. We are taking a phased approach to reduce waste and avoid added pressure on our supply chain. All told, we expect it will take about 18 months to completely update everything, during which time you and your customers may encounter a mix of old and new logos.

You can find answers to questions you may have about this change, along with our new logos, and brand standards on our Xnet partner resource portal. Thank you for your continued support of Hypertherm and please do not hesitate to reach out to your preferred Hypertherm contact with any questions.

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