Shipments of Hypertherm products into Russia


May 6, 2022


Dear Partners,

As previously communicated, Hypertherm is not currently conducting business in Russia following that country’s invasion of Ukraine. At that time, we asked you to voluntarily stand with us by also refusing to ship Hypertherm products into Russia.

Most of you have been very supportive of this decision and we thank you. Still, some partners are continuing to ship Hypertherm product into Russia. Additionally, a handful of partners within Russia are considering circumventing our suspension of business by establishing operations outside Russia and serving customers from there.

As we want to make sure that Hypertherm products are not sent into Russia until a peaceful resolution of the conflict is a reality, we have decided to make our original request a mandatory requirement pursuant to Section B, Attachment 3 of our existing partner agreement. This request will go into effect on Monday, May 9, after which time Hypertherm will no longer accept and fulfill any orders for shipment to or use in Russia and will withhold support and product to anyone found to be in violation of this requirement.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this difficult situation.

Hidde van Hoeven
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing