NEW: Large packaging Cool Solution torch coolant

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 55–gallon (208.2 liters), 70/30% propylene glycol coolant mixture, p/n 428839. This packaging is in addition to our one-gallon size packaging.

Product details:

• Drum opening: 2 NPT
• Top drum cap/plug thread sizes: G2 x 5 and G2 x 11.5
• Weight: 239 kg
• Dimensions : 882 mm (H) x 590 mm (diamètre)
Please note that pumps, hoses and other drum accessories will need to be sourced locally as applications and use methods may vary.

The advantages of this larger packaging are:

• Less packaging waste – our one-gallon containers are sold in two’s and shipped in cardboard boxes. This eliminates a lot of cardboard and plastic waste.
• The larger packaging can be stored close to the cutting table, which can free up shelf space and save time transporting one-gallon containers around the shop floor.
• Cost savings – gallon for gallon, the 55–gallon drum list price is approximately 9% less than our one-gallon container.
• The 55-gallon drum is recyclable.